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Driver Testimonials

Here are some of our driver testimonials and some of the reasons we were voted one of the 20 North American “Best Fleets to Drive For,” in both 2018 and 2019.

Eric Frost Keller Trucking Truck Driver Testimonial

“My favorite thing about this company is the financial stability through the driver pay program. They offer you a base minimum pay, so if you’re having mechanical issues, freight is slow, or weather permitting it gives you peace of mind that you are able to bring home a steady paycheck for your family.”

Cary Fugitt Keller Trucking Truck Driving Testimonial

“I have been driving 21 years, been with these great folks the last 5. This is the highest paying, least stressful trucking job I’ve ever had. It’s worth your time to check Keller Trucking out.”

Carl Dotson Keller Trucking Truck Driving Testimonial

“What I like most about Keller is that they hold their drivers to a higher standard of safety. They have been on E-Logs for over 10 years and they are 100% compliant. They don’t force you to go out there and drive non-compliant.”

Brian Varner Keller Trucking Truck Driving Testimonial

“When it comes to the maintenance here at Keller, these guys are second-to-none.  They bend over backwards to make sure your equipment is safe and comfortable for you.”

Good company to work for been here two months and love working for them
Brian Junebug Phillippi
Company drivers threaten other drives.
Eric Powell
I would like to say Thank You again to the Mechanics who did my Service on Saturday (all my shocks were changed, and shock mounts welded, and U Bolts). My truck rides like a Cadi now ๐Ÿ˜Š. Also a big Thanks again for Tommy coming in to fix my windshield wiper issue. We do truly have a GREAT maintenance team ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Duane C Mallast
First company that degrade the drivers by paying cheapest I Ever seen
Muwaffaq Momani
If you are looking for an HONEST trucking company that is fair and consistent? than look no further!!!! This company is all that and so much more! I drove for them for nearly a year and the only reason I left was due to my personal health issues. Give Lauren and her team a call today!๐Ÿ˜
Lori Raine Downs
Great working environment.
Debbie Lee
dont havr your back when it counts
Randy Dulgar
it's an awesome place to work
Michael K Guilliam
Best freight company. Great support staff. Great maintenance department. Overall just amazing.
Josh Jones
Been with Keller for almost 2 years, been fortunate to get the days off for family and emergencies, just recently I was given a brand new truck, thanks to Jon Wolfram, Bryan Keller, and many others for the opportunity to be apart of this great team.
JaynCarla Reber
I worked at Keller Trucking for almost 3 years and Keller people do care about their Drivers and office staff, my health got bad but now I'm ready to go back to work for Keller Dispatch are great people, Wish me luck in driving for a great company again.
Spade William Edward
Thanks for making orientation fun,, now ready to work for a good company,,๏ฟฝ๏ฟฝโ›Ÿ, #truckerup
Greg Myers
From day one, working at Thomas E Keller. I could tell that this company actually cared about its drivers. If you like miles, you're going to drive them. If its Mechanical issues, they will fix it in a timely fashion .If you have medical concerns, they will help you anyway they can to get you to the doctors. Their benefits are top-notch. The only issue I had with driving for Thomas E Keller , I lived 146 miles away from the Yard , and when I went home with the truck . There was no where for me to park . Being alone , I had no one to drive me to the truck where I was forced to park . The area was'nt secure to leave my personal vehicle . Also , my father is 89 yrs old and I needed to be closer to home . But I would like to say thank you for the oportunity to work with a great bunch of people. Sincerely , Greg Townsend.
Greg Townsend
From the first day I talked with Lauren it was feeling like home but I stood my ground finished my prospect's with other companies before I made my choice to move . When I was first welcomed i knew I had found a home and family . l immediately became a piece of their circle not only did they talk family they showed it. My plans are to finish my professional driving career here at Keller trucking. Thank you. Jeff.
Jeff Ross
I've only been a driver here for a week but it's easy to see the difference between Keller vs all my previous employers. They not only encourage comments, they expect them. I completed the 7 day survey on Monday evening. On Tuesday noonish I received a phone call to discuss my concerns. All my concerns were addressed to my satisfaction. I'm service oriented from my days in restaurant management and sales. To see these principles being used in the trucking industry is truly encouraging.
Marc Smith
The people make the company, and Keller has great people! The office staff (myself included) are helpful and respectful, our maintenance team is the BEST, and we have a great group of drivers that are professional and safe (and keep me laughing so that's a plus).
Lauren Pohlmann
It was great meeting everyone at Keller the training was in-depth and you really got a since of they treat their drivers like family and not just a number.
Shane Johnson

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November 15, 2017