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Here’s a look at some of the partnerships we’ve had and projects we’ve completed over the recent years.


All Keller employees were asked once again via survey what cause or organization they’d like to see represented on their next charity truck. The responses came back in support of either mental health or suicide awareness. Both are fitting causes, especially given everything society has been through over the last couple years. We decided to merge the two in the truck’s design and support both initiatives.

The truck has a two-part mission: the first is to donate a percentage of the revenue for every mile driven to local organizations related to the initiative; the second mission is to travel the country spreading its message of destigmatizing mental health and the conversation around it.


The Defiance Development and Visitors Bureau in partnership with the Community Strategic Plan Perception Pillar and Keller Trucking recently revealed two semi-truck trailers that have been wrapped with a design to promote the Defiance community.

This project was proposed during a meeting of the Perception Pillar. A member of the team mentioned seeing a Keller Trucking semi-trailer that was wrapped to promote Zonta (a 501c3 organization focused on womens rights). That is when the plan was put in motion. The project was fully funded by the Defiance Development and Visitors Bureau while the trailer and wrap design were provided by Keller Trucking.


We sent out an employee survey asking what charity or initiative Keller should support next. After the survey came back with an overwhelming response in support of Autism awareness, understanding, and acceptance, we got to work. This 2021 Volvo VNL760 is fully wrapped in a watercolor, puzzle piece design with a variety of elements that represent awareness of the Autism spectrum. To learn more about this project, check out our blog article Color for Causes.


While commissioned by several local companies, we took the lead. Our in-house graphic designer teamed up with Defiance, Ohio’s Troop 76 division of Boy Scouts of America to bring their utility trailer to life. The gleaming detail starts with the form fitting bald eagle placed on the nose of the trailer, and flows all the way to “SCOUT PWR ” proudly represented on the license plate of one of our Freightliner Cascadias toward the rear of the trailer.


We were approached by the Defiance, Ohio chapter of Zonta International. They inquired about us providing the design work and equipment for a full 53-foot trailer wrap in an effort to follow through on its mission of women’s advocacy. As members of the Women in Trucking organization and with having done other women’s advocacy projects, this was of course an emphatic “yes” from us. To learn more about this project, check out our blog article Color for Causes.


We got a deal on buying them white but white is, well, boring. Instead of painting them the same Glacier Blue as the rest of our fleet and effecting the resale, we elected to slap a “Blue Thunder” vinyl wrap on it instead. Inspired by a recent Hunger Games movie marathon, our in-house graphic designer molded elements of lightning strikes, thunder, ice and Keller blue into a rumbling wrap that won’t be missed around town.


Circa 1980s, this Autocar Spotter: Throwback Edition is a pure blast from the past. While a seemingly simple design, it’s packed full of detail and features the elements of Tom Keller’s old 1980s International cabovers. Our in-house graphic designer used old, grainy photos and replicated Tom’s cabovers’ Glacier Blue color scheme, pronounced three-stripe overlay on the sleeper, silver banner decal and even the old pinstripes that were featured on Keller trucks up until the early 2000s.


With over 34% of our employees here at Keller being veterans, we wanted to do a wrap that recognizes our veterans and our mission of helping all veterans at home. The American flag design features photos taken at our annual Wreaths Across America participation, monochromatic military branch logos, and even an old M60 Patton tank molded into the body lines of the Autocar Spotter. Learn more about our Operation K.A.V.I.C. initiative by clicking here.


We wanted our trucking simulator to be as exciting on the outside as it is on the inside. The design showcases the logistics industry as a whole. It emphasizes that trucking is simply one of the thousands of segments and job opportunities within it. This trailer makes frequent stops to schools and job fairs around Ohio and neighboring states in an effort to increase awareness of the logistics industry and employment opportunity within it. “There are over 6 million people in the logistics industry, join us!”


We had the trucking simulator trailer but nothing to pull it with until this Ram 2500 arrived. However, we couldn’t use a bare, white truck to pull a fully wrapped trailer! Our in-house graphic designer matched the elements and color scheme of the trailer to create a similar wrap for the truck. Whether you see the truck hooked to the trailer and headed down the highway, or at the local Applebee’s for an orientation lunch, you’ll certainly know who it belongs to!

If you, your company or organization may be interested in a partnership or having a project commissioned, let us know! We’d be happy to chat. Please email inquiries to

October 22, 2020

13 thoughts on “Project Gallery

  1. Do you hire drivers in the Youngstown,Ohio area . I have 40 yrs OTR , excellent record , I was a driver trainer .

    1. We do! We have both pet and rider policies. Please give Adam and Tammi a call at 419.785.3252 for more information. Thank you!

    1. Hello Shannon! Our schooling would be out of the Toledo, Ohio area or we do reimburse if you were to go to a school in your area and then sign on. Please give Adam and Tammi a call at 419.785.3252 for more information. Thank you!

  2. Your company sounds like when I’d like to be associated with so if you do drivers raining with a 70-year-old man who’s in pretty good shape I’ve been willing to come to your if you guys

    1. Hello James! We like to think our maintenance team and equipment is some of the best around. We don’t generally sell to the public but we have a couple for sale! If you’re interested give our Group number a call and someone can point you in the right direction – (866) 276-9486

      Thanks for visiting our site!

  3. I am an OTR, hot shot driver with 6.5 yrs experience, that lives in Defiance. Is this company ever going to utilize vehicles with GVW 10,000lbs? I already drive a 15ft, Mercedes Benz box truck, that is dock high.

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