Meet The Family

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Meet The Family


Many companies say they treat you like family, but we truly do.  When you call in, the chances are we’re not going to have any idea what your truck number or employee ID number is without looking it up, but we will definitely know your name. Coming from hardships and humble beginnings, Tom Keller founded Thomas E. Keller Trucking on the principles of morality, trust and a family-first mentality. 

Having been around since 1978 we’ve learned a few things. One of those things being that it’s usually best if you don’t take things too seriously, as you’ll see in our videos and the Keller Trucking family photos below.

Thomas E. Keller Trucking is now being run by President & CEO, Bryan Keller, Tom Keller’s nephew. Bryan has maintained Tom Keller’s founding principles by actively engaging in the community and with his employees, including meeting with each and every Keller Trucking driver.

Hear what Dave has to say about his experience with Keller Trucking. Click here for more of our drivers’ thoughts.  

Interested in learning more about the Thomas E. Keller Trucking family back-story and how it expanded into Keller Logistics Group? Visit our Keller Logistics Group Blog here!

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May 1, 2018