Keller Truck Driving Academy Differentiators

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Keller Truck Driving Academy Driver Development Coordinator Sarah Cates & Keller Trucking

The Keller Truck Driving Academy is a new CDL training program created by Keller Trucking. There are thousands of different cookie-cutter programs and schools that help you obtain your Class-A CDL. We wanted to find out what makes Keller’s Academy unique. To do that, we interviewed Sarah Cates, Driver Development Coordinator at Keller.

At the Keller Truck Driving Academy, their goal is to “start drivers out on the right foot” said Cates. “We want to train them our way from the beginning.” Given that the new Academy allows for flexible training, they will be able to do just that.

And when it comes to the trainers, Cates believes they have both quantity and quality. “A perk to our training program is the 3-1 student to trainer ratio.” This allows students to receive personalized training. And when it comes to quality, “Students get to interact with charismatic trainers who will cater to your learning styles.” She also noted, “just two of our trainers have a combined have 33 years of experience in the industry.” 


Not only does the Keller Truck Driving Academy offer high quality training, but top of the line equipment too. “We train with the equipment you will be testing in and driving in. We are training in brand new trailers; the oldest truck on the range is a 2016.” They also make use of a driving simulator. Which she referred to as a “modern way of training.” This simulator allows drivers to react to situations that cannot be replicated on the road.

Truck Driving Academy Cost

Those considering Keller Truck Driving Academy need not worry about the cost. Their Academy is free, and Keller also pays for the first CDL test, as well as one retest if needed. Furthermore, they have a house right next to their operations building for traveling students to stay in.

“Train for two weeks, then you have your employer,” said Cates. The Keller Truck Driving Academy isn’t just training you to be a truck driver. It’s training you to be a Professional that also happens to drive for Keller. If you look at Keller Trucking’s track record, that’s something to get excited about. They have been voted, “Best Fleets to Drive For,” three years in a row by the TCA. Given to those who provide superb driver work environments. Only twenty companies in all of North America receive this recognition on an annual basis.

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